The particular foreclosure for mortgage credit score is one of the most unpleasant information, even worse when you live in the home with your family. Failure to pay for the monthly installments due to the loss of the debtor’s income indicates other alternatives.

What should be done? It is best to show up before the collection entity and start a negotiation process with regard to delinquent debt. The most severe and not to do is to allow time pass and not encounter the problem without solving this. If you agreed to pay that will default for any of the options offered by the entity, it really is an advance.

Given the case, which could not have to get canceled, then, a process associated with judicialization of the real estate starts. Pay the delinquent financial debt on the date agreed using the judge to avoid the rintangan. Remember! You will always have stuttering blocks along the way. Until the complete cancellation of the mortgage loan, the house will be equity.

Disability of the default due to home loan or other loans

  • In the case that you want to get a real estate in your name, it will likewise be seized for the transaction of the debt.
  • If with the debt from the mortgage credit, there was the co-debtor, this can be affected in the patrimony, since, it facilitates the debt.
  • You can not open checking or financial savings accounts, since they have a seizure amount, according to the decreed norms.
  • Something essential, the report of danger centers. What does it have an effect on? ​​You cannot request some other financial loans or from organizations that are authorized to seek advice from.
  • In certain instances, you cannot travel abroad.

Assets due to credit score default or other financial obligations

When dealing with the topic of seizure, it could be said that every thing the debtor owns in the name is liable. If what exactly is said in article 1677 of the Colombian civil program code applies, there are assets plus rights that are not attachable.

But it excellent to mention in what an bar can be made, according to quantities and limitations. Salaries, bank details, leases, shares, real estate, charges, commercial establishments, vehicles.

It is very important that, during the time of cancellation of the debt, nevertheless , it is presented in the office associated with public instruments. Request the particular legalization of the embargo and ask for a new certificate of custom and freedom.


Alfredo Barnes